pmdesc3 - List name, version, and description of all installed perl modules and PODs

SYNOPSIS ~/perllib

DESCRIPTION [-h] [-s] [-t ddd] [-v dd] [--] [dir [dir [dir [...]]]]
  OPTIONS:  -h     : print help message; show search path
            -s     : sort output (not under Windows)
            -t ddd : name column has width ddd (1-3 digits); default 36
            -v  dd : version column has width dd (1-2 digits); default 10

Find name, version and description of all installed Perl modules and PODs. If no directories given, searches @INC . The first column of the output (see below) can be used as module name or FAQ-name for perldoc.

Some modules are split into a pm-file and an accompanying pod-file. The version number is always taken from the pm-file.

The description found will be cut down to a length of at most 150 characters (prevents slurping in big amount of faulty docs).


The output looks like this:

IO::Socket         (1.28)  Object interface to socket communications
IO::Socket::INET   (1.27)  Object interface for AF_INET domain sockets
IO::Socket::UNIX   (1.21)  Object interface for AF_UNIX domain sockets
IO::Stty           (n/a)   <description not available>
IO::Tty            (1.02)  Low-level allocate a pseudo-Tty, import constants.
IO::Tty::Constant  (n/a)   Terminal Constants (autogenerated)

The three parts module name, version and description are separated by at least one blank.


ExtUtils::MakeMaker, File::Find, Getopt::Std


The command line switch -s (sort) is not available under non-UNIX operating systems. An additional shell sort command can be used.

There are no known bugs in this module.

Please report problems to Fritz Mehner, .


  Tom Christiansen, (pmdesc)
  Aristotle, (pmdesc2)
  Fritz Mehner, (

NOTES is based on pmdesc2 (Aristotle, adds extensions and bugfixes.

pmdesc2 is based on pmdesc (Perl Cookbook, 1. Ed., recipe 12.19). pmdesc2 is at least one magnitude faster than pmdesc.