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Bash plugin
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version 4.2.1

             screen shots: gVim + plugins as Bash-IDE

Read the bash-support.vim help file

The key mappings of this plugin (PDF)

Of interest:
Bash Style Guide (english, version 1.6)
Bash Style Guide (deutsch, Version 1.6)

•The installation explained: article
  Make Vim as Your Bash-IDE Using bash-support Plugin
• Plugin featured in the article Turn Vim into a bash IDE
• Covered in the Oct./Nov. 2007 issue of freeX, "Vim als Bash-IDE" (German)
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Perl-IDE     perl-support
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Menu Structure



(1. level)


(2. level)

Generated Code

Menu Comments


Menu Comments : different types of comments, file header, commenting and uncommenting of marked areas etc.

The entry File Header generates a complete file header. File name and the date are looked up by the editor. The other information (author name, sign, ... ) are taken from the template settings in the plugin.
#!/bin/bash - 
#          FILE:
#         USAGE:  ./ 
#       OPTIONS:  ---
#          BUGS:  ---
#         NOTES:  ---
#        AUTHOR: Dr. Fritz Mehner (fgm),
#       COMPANY: FH Südwestfalen, Iserlohn
#       CREATED: 29.11.2009 17:28:24 CET
#      REVISION:  ---

set -o nounset                              # Treat unset variables as an error
This header is generated from the template file below. This template file is created by the user; the tags are replaced when the file is read in.
#         FILE:  |FILENAME|
#        USAGE:  ./|FILENAME|
#      OPTIONS:  ---
#         BUGS:  ---
#        NOTES:  ---
#      VERSION:  1.0
#      CREATED:  |DATE|
#     REVISION:  ---

The entry KEYWORD: -> TODO generates a special line end comment. These comments are easily located by their key words (e.g. :TODO: ). Date and author name are inserted by the editor:
# :TODO:04.03.2013:fgm: 

Menu Statements


Menu Statements : Bash statements and code snippet support

In normal and insert mode the entry for in generates an empty for-in-loop . The cursor will be positioned between for and in.

for  in ; do

If the entry if is chosen for a marked block (visual mode) this block is surrounded by an if-statement :
printf "%s\n" "Message 42"
if  ; then
  printf "%s\n" "Message 42"


Menu Snippets


Menu Snippets : handle code snippets and templates

Read the help file for more informations about snippets and templates.


Menu Tests

Menu Tests : insert test

Menu ParmSub


Menu ParmSub : insert an empty parameter substitution

Menu Environ

Menu Environ : insert environment variables

Menu Builtins

Menu Builtins : insert builtin commands

Menu Set


Menu Set : insert set options

Menu Shopt

Menu Set : insert shell options

Menu I/O-Redir

Menu I/O-Redir : insert an I/O-redirection

Menu Regex


Menu Regex : compose globs and regular expressions with a few keystrokes

Menu Run


Menu Run : run, check syntax, make script executable, make hardcopy, ...

  Tear off menus, tag list source code browsing
  Running a faulty script: error window
  Redirect output into a Vim buffer
  Start the debugger bashdb with a keystroke

Menu Help


Bash help

    Show Bash help for word under the cursor:
      \hh : builtins (Bash help)
      \hm : manual
    Show the Bash manual : \hb
    Show plugin help : Shift-F1 or \hp


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