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( version 1.1 )

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Menu Structure

Submenus (1. level)

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Generated Code

Menu Comments


Menu Comments : Different types of comments, file header, commenting and uncommenting of marked areas etc.

The menu entry File Header generates a complete file header. File name and the date are looked up by the editor. The other information (author name, sign, ... ) are taken from the configuration settings in the plugin.
--         FILE:  permutations.lua
--        USAGE:  ./permutations.lua 
--      OPTIONS:  ---
--         BUGS:  ---
--        NOTES:  ---
--       AUTHOR:  Dr.-Ing. Fritz Mehner (Mn), <>
--      COMPANY:  Fachhochschule Südwestfalen, Iserlohn
--      VERSION:  1.0
--      CREATED:  03.12.2006 14:43:16 CET
--     REVISION:  ---

This header is generated from the template file below. This template file is created by the user; the tags are replaced when the file is read in. The templates are suggestions.
--         FILE:  |FILENAME|
--        USAGE:  ./|FILENAME|
--      OPTIONS:  ---
--         BUGS:  ---
--        NOTES:  ---
--      VERSION:  1.0
--      CREATED:  |DATE|
--     REVISION:  ---

The entry KEYWORD: -> TODO generates a special line end comment. These comments are easily located by their key words (e.g. :TODO: ). Date and author name are inserted by the editor.

-- :TODO:03.12.2006 14:49:58:Mn:
These comments are not for the final version of a script, of course.

Menu Statements


Menu Statements : Lua statements

In normal and insert mode the entry for generates an empty for-loop . The cursor will be positioned between for and in:
for  in  do

If the entry if then else end is chosen for a marked block (visual mode) this block is surrounded by this statement:
print("This is a text.")
if  then
  print("This is a text.")

Menu Snippets


Menu Snippets : Lua code snippet support

The entries call the standard file open dialog. Read, write and edit your own code snippets in separate files in a separate snippet directory

Menu Idioms


Menu Idioms : Insert frequently used statements and code snippets

The entry function asks for the name of the function (here: Set.union) and generates the following lines:
function Set.union (  )
end  ----------  end of function Set.union  ----------

Menu Regex


Compose regular expressions with a few mouse clicks.

Menu Run


Menu Run : Run script, check syntax, make hardcopy, redirect output

Run script or check or syntax. In case of errors an error window will be opened to show the current list of errors:
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Code navigation with the taglist -plugin (based on Exuberant Ctags ) :
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