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NQC plugin
root menu
( version 3.1 )


Read the nqc-support.vim help file             
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Menu Structure :

Submenus (1. level)

Submenus (2. level)

Generated Code

Menu Comments


Different types of comments, file section headers, commenting and uncommenting of marked areas

The entry File Prologue generates a complete file header based on a template file. File name and the date are looked up by the editor. The other information (author name, sign, ... ) is taken from the settings in .vimrc .

//       FILENAME:  test1.nqc
//       COMPILER:  nqc
//         AUTHOR:  Dr.-Ing. Fritz Mehner (Mn)
//        CREATED:  27.12.2003 14:09:51 CET

3 menu entries generate block comments. These comments are read from template files. These files can be written or changed by the user to fulfill special requirements (layout already exists, file headers / blocks have to be prepared for a documentation tool, ... ).

Menu Statements


Include NQC and preprocessor statements

The entry do { } while generates an empty do-while-loop with a comment at the end. The cursor will be positioned between the brackets.


while (  );       // -----  end do-while  ----- 

The entry switch generates a switch-staement with 4 cases + default :

switch (  )

  case :

  case :

  case :

  case :

}       // -----  end switch  -----

Menu API-Functions

Insert API-function calls

Menu API-Constants

Insert API-constants


Menu Snippets

Manage code snippets

Read, write and edit your own code snippets in separate files in a separate snippet directory.

Menu Datalog

  Upload values from the datalog and plot the values with gnuplot ("y-plot" with plot type "steps") :


Menu Run


Compile, link, download, run, make hardcopy


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