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  1. GnuplotIF  :   A simple and easy to use Perl interface to gnuplot
  2.  :   Find and list name, version and description of all installed perl modules
  3.  :   Rekursiver Löser für 9x9-Sudokus


Graphics::GnuplotIF is a simple and easy to use Perl interface to gnuplot.

gnuplot is a freely available, command-driven graphical display tool for Unix. It compiles and works quite well on a number of Unix flavours as well as other operating systems. The following module enables sending display requests to gnuplot through simple Perl subroutine calls.

GnuplotIF starts gnuplot as a separate process. The plot commands are send through a pipe (operating system must support pipes). The graphical output from gnuplot will be displayed immediately.

Several independent plots can be started from one script. Each plot has its own pipe. All pipes will be closed automatically when the script terminates. The gnuplot processes terminate when the corresponding pipes are closed. Their graphical output will now disappear.

GnuplotIF is similar to gnuplot_i , a C interface to gnuplot ( ).

Version 1.6
To install this module type the following:
   perl Makefile.PL
   make test
   make install
POD included. Read the manual online :       GnuplotIF manual

Find and list name, version and description of all installed perl modules and PODs

Find name, version and description of all installed Perl modules and PODs. If no directories given, searches @INC . The first column of the output (see below) can be used as module name or FAQ-name for perldoc.
Some modules are split into a pm-file and an accompanying pod-file. The version number is always taken from the pm-file.
The description found will be cut down to a length of at most 150 characters (prevents slurping in big amount of faulty docs).
The output looks like this:
IO::Socket         (1.28)  Object interface to socket communications
IO::Socket::INET   (1.27)  Object interface for AF_INET domain sockets
IO::Socket::UNIX   (1.21)  Object interface for AF_UNIX domain sockets
IO::Stty           (n/a)   <description not available>
IO::Tty            (1.02)  Low-level allocate a pseudo-Tty, import constants.
IO::Tty::Constant  (n/a)   Terminal Constants (autogenerated)
The three parts module name, version and description are separated by at least one blank.
Version 1.2.3
Ready to run.
POD included. Read the manual online :       pmdesc3 documentation is a part of the Vim plugin perl-support.vim

Games::Sudoku::Solver - Schneller, rekursiver Löser für 9x9-Sudokus

This module solves 9x9-Sudoku puzzles by recursion. There is no restriction to the difficulty and the number of solutions. The module contains a POD documentation and several example files. Documentation in English.

Modul zum Lösen von 9x9-Sudokus. Die Suche arbeitet rekursiv und ist ziemlich schnell (typische Werte 0.1-0.5 sek; 2GHz-CPU).
Wenn mehrere Lösungen vorhanden sind, werden alle gefunden. Die Suche läßt sich natürlich begrenzen. Eine graphische Oberfläche ist nicht vorhanden. Das Testverzeichnis enthält einige Beispieldateien.
Version 1.1
Datei README und POD-Dokumentation im Modul. Manual online :      Solver.html


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